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Penguin Bio

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Penguin Bio

Ah, Farmville! The most addictive game ever created on Facebook! Who would have thought a little game on agriculture would become so popular? Y yet people left and right are using it and having a blast. And with the different levels available (all the way up to 70) also draws on the competitive nature of some people.

There are also plenty of things you can buy in the game and some things that can only be gifted to you. What how to buy things in the game? The use of any of the currencies or cash Farmville. The coins are easy to be had as you can get a lot for only a few plantation crops. Some crops that give 100% profit. Some crops have a very short-term growth that can be harvested several times a day for coins more.

2 Options

But money Farmville, however, is another story. There are two ways you can go about his win the game itself.

Leveling Up

One way is to level up as quickly as possible. For each level you earn, the game rewards you with an effective PV per level. Leveling can be done quickly to increase your XP by plowing, planting and harvesting their crops. You can level up quite quickly if they focus on plants that give the majority of XP every time planting and harvesting. It is also necessary to note the time of harvest, as this will determine the time to level up using XP.

Get your credit card

This is another way you can get more cash FV Farmville. You will see a small button in the game that takes you to a payment page where you can load up. For some, this is the only way to buy the tractor, harvester, and its fuel needs required. Animals also need money to purchase. The stable of horses must either help his friends or cash.

Do you want to know the secrets the master farmers use to get up to level 70 without using their own real money? Then you will want to check out Farmville Secrets.

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