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Pump Syphon

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Pump Syphon
Anyone knows how to build a trickle filter?

I'm trying to build a trickle filter for my turtle tank very large. I siphon water tank through an external filter and then pump it back in. Any ideas are greatly appreaciated.

There are many DIY articles and posts in the reef-related forums, as on the construction of these and sinks. You will want to draw water from the main tank through an overflow box instead an external filter. Use the external filter to bring water from the well back to the main tank. As for the slow part, there are several ways to do this, a common form leaves to sponge filter in a perforated sheet of plexiglass that sits on the water level in the sump. The foam sheets may be at an angle if necessary depending how water is being distributed about them. Then the water will seep through the sponge and the bottom half of the sink where you can place dividers and perhaps to maintain the desired water level. Another method is to have lots bioballs' or any other plastic material sandwiched between two perforated Plexiglas sheets. They offer a large amount of surface area for bacteria and do not collect waste as much as the sponge method … Being a turtle tank also may want to use a filter bag or some other form of mechanical filtration before the slow phase and when you do not want too much waste accumulated in the leaves of sponge. Some boxes are overflowing with sponges pre-filter that is probably a good idea in this case. While this site deals mainly with sumps, the same concept applies to the trickling filters: Hope that helps

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