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Power Supply

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Power Supply

One of my preparations for the Year 2000 was for the purchase of four-stroke petrol generator. There was no guarantee that there will be no interruptions power at the beginning of 2000 and I wanted a reliable supply of energy to be ready. The generator I chose was a reliable four-stroke engine Honda. The generator was a large gas tank for power that could function in a tank for about four hours, depending on how heavy the electric charge was using.

The purchase of the generator was only the first step in ensuring a reliable supply of energy, however, as generators need fuel. I needed to acquire adequate supplies of gasoline and oil to run it for long enough. I went to a vegetable oil in bulk and the company bought three 45-gallon drums, one for one in the space of a few weeks. Every few days I filled 4 – to 5-gallon drums filled with gasoline at several stations in the area. When storing gasoline for a period of time that is a good idea for a commercial chemical gas to keep gas stabilization of decomposition. An oil company or the hardware store should be able to say, where to buy the chemical.

I had the generator, fuel, and oil to run it. What remained was the source power cable to my home electrical system. I got an estimate from a local electrician. It would not be cheap. One of the parties, a switching table, a cost of $ 500.00. It would pass line and my cable hydropower generator. I dug a trench in my hut generator for the house. The cable will be buried in the ground.

The electrician came and did the changes in the wiring. The way it worked, I switch to cable from the generator. Then start the generator. When it was running at the proper rate-making power at home, I would connect the cable to plug the generator output. That was all. The house had its own power food.

There do maintenance on the generator, as it was new. Each engine of the new needs of your oil change, when they broke in after the first hours of operation, the oil dirty, pieces of metal from the solution of time, must be drained. This was not hard to do. Just unscrew one screw and let the oil drain into a shallow pan. Once the contaminated oil was removed, and the enhanced drainage screw in place, clean, fresh oil is poured into the tank oil.

While nothing serious happened in my area for Y2K, there have been power outages, through the years and has been very useful for have a backup power supply. Once a month to start and run the generator connected to an electric heater. I let it run for about 5 minutes. The electric heater is providing the electrical charge needed to run the generator safely. The generator can be damaged if run with no using the power it produces. Use of this system has problems in ensuring the free use of this power supply for more than seven years.


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