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Pond Sterilizer

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Pond Sterilizer
Pond filter, you should get a UV sterilizer?

I have a small pond (about 100-125 liters), with about 5-6 small and fairly Koi few guppies. A lot of water the plants on it, but water is still green. I applied for barley straw twice already, but I do not think that works very effectively. I'm thinking of getting a filter, but do not know what to get. Should I get a UV sterilizer? Can anyone recommend a decent and affordable — prefer less than $ 100. Thanks in advance!

Sorry, but less than $ 100.00 is impossible. You do not want to skimp on a filtration system. The filtration system of any pond is the most expensive part of the lagoon. If you do not have a bomb then, however, make sure you have a pump that circulates a minimum of 125 gallons per hour. You should start with just a filter and then, if you think you have to go through the filter UV. Personally, as UV filters and I have installed many. Here are some links to filter. -PZF850 & lpage = none

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