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Turtle Aquarium

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Turtle Aquarium
how to maintain secure record turtle basking in the aquarium?

I have a record of pilgrims who uses two magnets on both sides to ensure registration the aquarium. Unfortunately, every time my turtle goes on in the record, its weight keeps turning upside down in the register or who falls and floats at half a tank. What I can do to get it? That sounds interesting But how can I get the wood to stay safe in the tank without leaving the

To solve the problem stand, it is empty the tank and use aquarium safe silicone to maintain registration or end up using that instead. You have the added advantage of having magnets keep it in place while it dries. I had the same problem with an adult Red Eared Slider. All turtles ramps, etc, were not big enough or is not waiting. If you decide change records after a while, just use a razor blade against the glass of silicone to get the discount. It should be clean with no residue. Good lucky!

An ideal RES turtle tank setup

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