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Halide Bulb

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Halide Bulb
What temperature does a 500-watt halogen bulb in Tungstone operate, and what temperature does a halide lamp?

I mean to degrees C

T / H bulbs are typically 3000-3200K halide depends on the chemistry used, it may be 3500-5500K. Search using your search engine favorite "color temperature" and the logo of the halide bulb you want. If you mean the physical temperature of the light, then, depends in large As in the construction of the lamp and luminaire. Luminaires are designed for many purposes, to maintain and apply power to the bulb, for help cool the bulb and the control of light direction. For example, say a T / H lamp operates at 3000 K = 3273 ° C surface temperature of the bulb may be in the range of hundreds of degrees, the outside of the luminaire can be less than 100 ° C.

Microwaving a Metal Halide bulb.

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