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Live Koi

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Live Koi
I need to know where I can buy live koi and fancy goldfish big for my first tank of Utica, Michigan?

A PetSmart in Rochester. Rochester RD output face 59. Koi are beautiful stock. They normally have a koi pond set up bigger and smaller tanks are kept below of the goldfish. I comets and fantasies together for a long time. He never seemed to have a problem, but, I was much younger. It did't cut the flap. I didn't have koi though. Personally, I just stick to a Koi pond. I was in Thailand this summer. (the most beautiful goldfish in the world are in Asia), particularly we saw was beautiful lake stocked with only solid white butterfly koi had grown to about 2 feet, including the queues flowing. In the area of water that had a lot of vegetation and flowering plants. It was amazing. You may want to consider planning a color scheme before you start shopping. I searched for information incubation, but never found one in MI. If so, let me know. You can also order online from fish. It cost around $ 50 to send em si. If you want something specific that is the way forward. Good Luck!

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