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Pond Water

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Pond Water

Gardens of water or a garden pond, as it is sometimes called, are a thing of beauty. An ancient art form that originated in Japan and has continued to be transmitted and refined in how it is done, there are many gardens and fountains throughout the world. People have created even smaller to fit in their back gardens. Larger gardens can be found everywhere from parks to holiday destinations. There are garden ponds around the world who have become well known for their extraordinary beauty.

Biddulph Grange Garden is located in Staffordshire, England. One of the most unique and visually stimulating gardens in Britain, this is Victorian garden visitors on a journey around the world. A quick trip through biddulph and a visitor can see the designs paying tribute to Egypt, China and a Scottish valley. This garden is a survivor of the 19th century. The Chinese side has a temple which is surrounded by its own Great Wall. It also shows some oddities in an odd sculpture stone and a tree that is upside down. The Egyptian side has a cut and rare exotic plants and architecture.

Another of the world most is visually stunning Bodnant Gardens Garden located in Conwy, Wales. Work began in Bodnant again in 1875 and has fantastic views of Snowdonia, as it is above the River Conwy. This shows terraces and traditional Italian-style gardens at the top level, and a forest filled valley with a stream and flora in the lower level. This garden has a spectacular colors that blaze through the seasons. Since mid-May to early June, visitors can find an arc of Laburnum long that is covered in bright gold flowers.

Hidote Manor Garden is located in Gloucestershire, England and has a unique configuration in the garden is divided into different enclosures, each kind of like a different room in a house. Each section is different from others in terms of characters, themes and colors. Most of the rooms have original features like the garden of hedges, shrubs and trees, although some of the rooms have a pond or fountain. Studley Water Royal Garden, located in North Yorkshire, England, is perhaps the best example of a pond of still surviving Georgian era. Created in the 18th century, with lakes, temples, streets, and waterfalls, and has been altered unless another Georgian garden pond in England.

Mark Best is 39 years old and has been creating ponds & working in the aquatic trade for the last 23 years. He loves to help inspire & motivate people to get building their first pond. Whether its a grand formal design or a simple wildlife pond built in a weekend, the pleasure it can bring will amaze you! Go for it!! For more detailed information on how to make a stunning garden pond of your own, visit him at Garden Pond Advice for free, practical advice & tips.

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