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Marineland Penguin

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Marineland Penguin
are these two the same products?

these two aquarium filter not look the same, but they the same? both in the 350 versions are the same? 3C% 3Eprd_id = 845524441808569 & FOLDER% 3C% 3Efolder_id = 2534374302030560 & ASSORTMENT% 3C% 3East_id = 2534374302023693 &% 3C% 3Ecnt_id content = 10134198673345807 & BmUID = 1173237366144 & ItemNo = 1 & Nt = Marineland Penguin +% C2% AE & A = all & previousText = Marineland Penguin +% C2% AE & N = 2

Same. I do have the 350. The exact filter. They look more like the second photo, with 2 biowheels. I am currently running without biowheels although it (I had loaches suicide swam beneath them to enter the filter … scaed me a little) and my plants, and did not want all the emanations of the cause biowheels. They are excellent however, I have always used a biowheel (except for now). They are the same filter. And as I said, the bigger the box 350.

Marineland Penguin 350 BIO-Wheel Power Filter PT 1

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