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Coral Rock

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Coral Rock

One of the biggest myths about the Coral Castle located in Homestead, Florida, south of Miami, Florida, is the source of its famous 9 Ton Gate. This amazing 18,000 pounds of Coral is said to be the reason why the original Coral Castle, who was in Florida City, Florida, was called by Edward Leedskalnin "Rock Gate Park". This is really easy an assumption based on the fact that one of the most mysterious and enigmatic features of this modern monolithic structure made famous by Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek in the series "In Search Of" in the early 1980s.

The truth of the matter is that the door to 9 tons in its current location in the Castle Homestead Reef was taken directly from the soil in the quarry there, and not in Florida City. This is easy to understand when you have been to Coral Castle and looked at the coral that is done.

There are really two types of coral in the Coral Castle. The coral structures that were relocated from the City of Homestead, Florida for the period from 1937 to 1941 he made a very dark coral and oolite layers. The other type of coral is that most of us are familiar with if we are to dive and see coral very porous, made famous by scenes of coral reefs.

The coral that the 9 Ton Gate is made of the porous coral which is indigenous only to the site Florida, Homestead, not the Florida site of the city. The more layers of coral darker "Rock Gate Park" is that not what you see after 18,000 pieces examine this pound of coral.

I'm not sure why Ed called his initial structure "Rock Gate Park", but based on the composition the coral that the 9 Ton Gate is made, it is clear that was created in Homestead and was never in Florida City.

Regardless of the fact that the 9 Ton Gate is the result of work by Ed, in Homestead, Florida, considering the magnitude of his achievement in creating a portal that was 18,000 pounds and perfectly balanced, with a hole cored through this piece of coral in the exact center of balance, and that somehow mounted by himself without modern tools and no longer work for you, going against The common sense and logic to assume you were using conventional means to move these megalithic pieces of coral.

On further consideration is given Edward Leedskalnin realize that not only was able to move large pieces of coral that can only move the modern equipment of today, but its technical expertise in power maneuver these objects so massive that it would be perfectly balanced, one can only imagine that had laser precision tools, or that he was one of the most lucky builders of history.

Since it is not logical to assume that luck is the basis of its amazing ability, and due to the fact that any modern computer of that size would have been easily visible, must take account of the myths and stories of Ed Leedskalnin regarding how states that have worked at night and no one I was working and who sang to the stones that made them hover in place.

Although the idea of levitation is plausible in theory in our modern world today not yet have a means by which we can regulate the size levitate objects weighing up to 10 or 20 pounds, without using some kind of modern technology. However, Here was a man who was able to defy modern physics, and claimed to know the secrets of the ancient pyramid builders, leaving behind a structure you can not do today. How can you believe he was not telling the truth when it has created a structure that has no parallel in modern times and has not been replicated and either physically or mathematically by with modern knowledge to be able to do if possible.

Returning to the discussion of the original location of the 9 Ton Gate, if you were never in Florida City, why did you ever call to their original site Rock Gate Park? Of all the pieces brought from Florida City, none of them resemble a door. Perhaps we'll never know what inspired Ed to name his rock garden "Rock Gate Park". However, we do know one thing: the Gate 9-Ton is both a scientific and technological impossibility was created in the 1930s by a man who had no modern tools in which to create such a perfectly balanced and beautifully carved structure. It's a mystery that can never be solved and a structure that may never be recreated again.

Michael is the author of the Coral Castle Explained, an eBook that reveals the secrets of the Coral Castle, an 1100 ton megalithic structure in Homestead, Florida built by 1 man using the secrets of the ancient pyramid builders. Download the first 5 chapters of the Coral Castle Explained for FREE by going to:

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