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Reptile Taxidermy

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Reptile Taxidermy
Tanning and Taxidermy snake skins (taxidermy)?

A couple of months I have some dead snakes, who died a natural death a provider of reptiles. I just skin them and dry them with salt in the sun for a day or too, then I brought them back, and let dry. Now hard rock. I had intended to make belts of them but I can not because they are so difficult. Then I learned that it is assumed that as soon as I put skin soap and water for 48 hours, then glycerin, then this and that (a walk-around process.) But not me. My question is, I can save ????? If 'yes', then how?? My question is: How I can save the skins not the tanning process, I already know the process of tanning, but if I can save then left to dry and how

I always soaked mine in the antifreeze, it worked for me. Some say it's not 100% for prevent the loss of scale in the future. This is what sounds like a workable formula with more than antifreeze. This can save your hide, and after drying tans. Good luck.

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