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Aquarium Aquariums

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Aquarium Aquariums
Where is a good place for aquariums and aquarium fish in Abu Dhabi or Dubai?

Hello everyone, I have recently moved to Abu Dhabi and I am looking to start a (simple) planted aquarium. I have no particular problem, the detection equipment (although Eheim / Haagen / Fluval / AquaClear seems completely absent from the market) I'm mainly concerned about getting good stock of fresh water – Rams, Angelfish, Discus, Gouramis, etc. Any advice is much appreciated ~!

National Aquarium in Dubai Tel: 04-3420877 ——————————– Jassin Fish Aquarium Dubai Tel: 04-2691665 ———————————- —– Azoo Aquarium & Gifts Trading Dubai LLC Tel: 04-3443073 —————————————— — — Al Ameera Aquarium & Pets Ground Floor, Building Bayton, Old Mazda Road Tourist Club Area, Abu Dhabi Landmark: Fayrouz Against Supermarket Tel: 02-6747767 ———————————- ——- ————— Aquarium Center Abu Dhabi Tel: 02-6217373

Setting up a large tropical freshwater aquarium

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