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Live Freshwater

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Live Freshwater
How do I upgrade my lighting system for live freshwater planted tank.?

I want to get more lightning for my live plants to grow. Im looking on ebay now in double Coralife lighting with moon lights. Comes with a bulb of 10 km and a blue actnic bulb and then the lights of the moon. Is this a good way to go for fresh or should go another way.

Not that you receive. The 10K bit will help, but will do nothing to actinic plants. What that one of these parties: = 16770http: / / = 3578 + 3733 +9654 +9871 = 9871 & pcata of course, in the freshwater model. is a great forum on planted tanks.

How to Set Up Saltwater & Freshwater Aquariums : Decorating Aquariums with Live Freshwater Plants

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