Trumpet Snails


Trumpet Snails
I'm going to start breeding snails. Any tips or tricks?

I'll bring several different types of snails … Pomacea bridgessi (Apple / mystery snail) spixi Asolene, trumpets and physids Malaysia (although I love that these are snails only access.) I am buying the spixi and launches as the eggs hatch and myself. Any tips or tricks for the breeding of snails and tenure? I'll be with my 2.5, 5, 10, and 29 gallon tanks.

Water quality is very important. Inbred Snails (I did ramshorns red) tend to be more sensitive to poor water quality or acid wild-type ancestors. You should have no problem with Malaysia trumpets, LOL. Each adult can produce young every day. Although slow growing, when you're up to about eighty adults, are occurring, other new very fast!

My Pet Trumpet Snail

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