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Furnishing A 200 Gallon Aquarium

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by The Aquarium Lady

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A 200 gallon aquarium installation process should not be taken lightly, and it should be furnished properly. Spending time on furnishing a 200 gallon aquarium with the right items, will ensure that you create the perfect environment for the fish, and marine life to live in, but also create something that people will enjoy looking at.

How a person goes about furnishing a 200 gallon aquarium will depend greatly upon the kinds of marine life (corals and fish) which are placed into it. Below, we offer some advice on things you should do in order to create the ideal environment in a 200 gallon aquarium, for all forms of marine life, not just for fish.

200 Gallon Aquarium – Furnishing One Correctly

Step 1 – Only use the best quality aquarium gravel that you can, as the basis for your 200 gallon aquarium, especially if there are going to be natural plants in it. This provides them with a suitable foundation into which they can grow, and also will help to keep an under gravel biological filtration system in its right position.

There are numerous types of gravel to select from, and it all comes in different shapes and sizes, but for a 200 gallon aquarium, it is best to go for that which is made from either granite or quartzite, and measures between four and six millimeters. This will then allow the easy flow of water over an under gravel filtration system, if you have one in such an aquarium.

Step 2 – Adding live or man made rocks to a 200 gallon aquarium, can provide shelter to some species of fish which are considered to be territorial. You however, need to be aware that when including such items into an aquarium, rocks can actually cause an imbalance in the ecosystem, which the fish and marine life are enjoying. So be prepared to take the right measures to deal with any problems that may arise.

Before you actually put any rocks (living or otherwise) into a 200 gallon aquarium, they need to be cleaned thoroughly to help remove any contaminants that can be detrimental to the health of fish, and other marine life (corals) already in it.

Step 3 – Introduction of Bogwood to a 200 gallon aquarium is crucial, as it not only creates another feature that people can enjoy looking at, but this is ideal for providing shelter to the aquatic life that is residing in it as well.

Just as with the rocks you put into a 200 gallon aquarium, you need to rinse off the Bogwood thoroughly, before placing it into the tank. This will help to remove some, if not all, the contaminants and diseases that may be on the plant, and which can prove to be harmful to the health of the aquatic life in the tank. The best way of actually removing any kinds of diseases, infections or contaminants from Bogwood, is by using the cleaning process known as poly-varnish.

Introducing Plants To A 200 Gallon Aquarium

As you will soon discover, there are a wide variety of different plants you can add to a 200 gallon aquarium along with Bogwood, to create the ideal environment for the marine life and fish in it. The choice is whether you go for natural plants, or plastic ones which are much easier to maintain.

The big advantage of having plastic plants in a 200 gallon aquarium, is that they don’t require very much maintenance if any at all. However, you will need to wash them thoroughly, as you would if you were putting natural real plants into the aquarium. One advantage that the natural live plants have over the plastic ones, is that they are better for the tank’s eco-system and help a 200 gallon aquarium to stay cleaner, and provide a healthy environment for the aquatic life residing in it.

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