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Freshwater Aquarium

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Freshwater Aquarium
Has anyone heard of using charcoal rocks instead of gravel in a freshwater aquarium?

I picked up a used aquarium and included what he said was of gravel, when milled and cooked on the rocks but it is not taxed at all, but the charcoal, this is done for a reason especially in a freshwater tank or were making a mistake with its use? I've always used the gravel regularly and I have never heard of using anything else. If I realize coal is used in the filters, but had two inches of charcoal in the bottom of use as gravel!

I have never heard talk about being done on purpose before. If I were you I would cast and replace it with regular aquarium gravel. If they did not know what chemicals could be that coal. MM

JAWS – Shark feeding in my freshwater aquarium

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