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Nano tank setup

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Using Nano fish tank aquariums

When we think of aquariums, we think of maintenance that are relatively easy to maintain. However, a nano fish tank requires a bit more maintenance.

Should you start a nano reef aquarium?

A nano reef aquarium can be a smaller system or a larger one. In some cases, it’s recommended that especially if you’re a beginner, you start with a larger tank, such as one that’s at least 24 gallons. Smaller systems can also go south quickly very fast, whereas a larger tank gives you a bit more leeway when it comes to maintenance. This may be advisable if you’re just starting out.


In general, a nano reef is probably going to cost you a bit MORE than another type of system will, although your final investment will probably be less once you get going. Coral collecting is probably going to cost you significantly more then if you don’t do so, which may up the cost of the nano reef if this is something you get into.

Are they difficult to keep up?

Nano fish tank aquariums are not really difficult keep up once you know what you’re doing. However, you should research thoroughly so that you know what you’re getting into before you decide to start one. As long as you follow a regular maintenance schedule, you’ll need between 5 and 10 minutes a day to keep your aquarium working well on most days; you also have to be careful about any additions you make to your aquarium, as this can upset the balance you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Change your water frequently

Nitrates can build up very quickly in a small body of water, so you have to make sure you keep your water changes up.

What fish or other creatures can you put in your nano reef?

Some good hearty fish for beginners are the pajama cardinals, cardinals, clown gobies, royal grammas, fire fish, pseudochromis, most damsels and basslets. “Clean up” creatures include hermit crabs like red legs and left-handed, astrea snails and turbo snails. You should have a snail for every one to 2 gallons your tank holds, and one crap for every three to 5 gallons. Cleaner shrimp are also good because they will clean your fish of parasites and will help your other “clean up” creatures do their jobs, too.

What coral should I keep?

You can pretty much keep any type of coral, but some will need more light than other kinds. Be careful about coral that puts out sweeper tentacles, because it may affect other coral negatively. Don’t overdo the coral, either, because the coral needs enough room to grow.


Using a UV sterilizer is recommended to keep “bad bacteria” down, or, you can buy an aquarium with a built in wet dry filter. The polycarbonate cover should be left in place over the lights so that UV transmission is properly done. You should still use a UV sterilizer. Cured live rock broken up into 1-inch fragments is also a good way to purify.

Finally, change water and check water regularly, including alkali reserve, if necessary. In a nano aquarium, water characteristics change quickly, so you have to keep on top of this.

Filtration is important

For a good marine aquarium, you need good filtration. Filtration turnover should be at least four times per tank per hour, with in tank circulation at eight times an hour, at least. Live rock also performs its own filtration.


Some good models for nano fish tank aquariums include the TRUVU Micro Series NANO Model 6, Model 12, or Model 25 fish tank aquariums. These particular models have easy to remove filtration systems and room for protein skimmers, for easy maintenance.

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