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Marine Fish and the Amazing Underwater World

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by Rotem Gavish

Marine fish are not domesticated animals, and will pursue their survival instincts in the tank, just as they do in the ocean. Marine fish are found in oceans, estuaries, tidal pools or salt marshes. Almost all species of marine fish are caught in the wild. Marine fish are more colorful than freshwater fish, but also require more care.

Tropical fish generally have very specific temperature requirements. Clownfish are a common species of marine tank fish Compatibility. All marine fish are tanked for a specified period of time for acclimation, in right water parameters, under specific conditions to allow the easiest adaptation to tank life. Marine fish are the hardest of all fish to keep and maintain. lots of species of marine fish are sensitive to water parameters and do not adapt easily to a new tank, it is best to add the fish after the tank has been functioning for a few months.

Georgia Aquarium Fish
Image by Mike Johnston via Flickr

Fish that are reef safe are known to not nip at corals, and also do not usually eat crustaceans that may be kept in a reef tank, such as shrimp. Marine fish, also known as saltwater fish, require a simulated oceanic environment in the aquarium. There are nearly 15,000 species of marine fish, many of which are not compatible in the same tank. For this reason, the compatibility of different species and genders within species needs to be checked before multiple fish are introduced to a tank. Lionfish, for example, may eat gobies and other species, while Clownfish are likely to attack others of the same gender if one of the opposite genders is present.

There are many differences between tropical freshwater fish and saltwater fish that may not be obvious to the newly aquarist. Marine fish even more complicated to keep and maintain are tropical marine fishes.

Marine fish are more colorful then freshwater fish, they are also more sensitive to water quality then freshwater fish. In most cases saltwater fish or marine fish are more expensive then freshwater fish. In general, marine fish consider being hard to keep and maintain while freshwater fish are easier to keep.

Many of these fish also like tanks on their own so if you dream of having a well stocked tank with a multitude of species make sure you know which fish will live happily together before you put them in a tank.

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