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The Hidden World of Tropical Fish

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by Rotem Gavish

Tropical fish include fish inhabit tropical region (found close to the equator) around the world, including both saltwater or marine fish and freshwater fish.

The term tropical fish refer to only those requiring fresh water. Saltwater tropical fish referred as marine fish but to be accurate saltwater fish are truly tropical fish. Tropical fish are imported from there native waters as well as domestically bred. Keeping tropical fish is a great hobby.

How do you decide which tropical fish is best for you? An important factor while buying tropical fish is its color. Another factor is that lots of people purchase sick fish. It is very easy to notice if the fish is sick, most of sick fish refuse to eat. Don’t be coy and ask the seller to feed the fish before you put your money on it. Sick fish with ich disease or fin rot disease for instance are easy to noticed, “Waste” 5 minutes and check your future fish, its skin, behavior and its vitality.

There are few rules we should remember while we keep our freshwater or saltwater tropical fish, first rule is to be patient. A high percentage of people do not take the time to read, learn and study up on the hobby before getting started. Second rule is not to overload your tank, placing too many new additions into the tank can cause ammonia and nitrite to increase. The third rule is to remember to maintain our tropical fish aquarium on a regular basis. By maintaining your aquarium properly (water changes, test water quality) you can avoid many faults.

Diagram of the nitrogen cycle in an aquarium.
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There is also the attraction that once the tank is up and running the required effort needed to keep tropical fish is relatively low, in-fact there is hardly any restriction to ones normal life. Keeping freshwater tropical fish is the ideal starting point to this rewarding hobby and can be done so by almost any age group, even children (best start with the family), with limited supervision.

One advantage of keeping and/or raising freshwater or saltwater tropical fish is the large international community that shares your interest. Keeping tropical fish is a pleasurable hobby for families around the globe. Critical part while you acclimate your new tropical fish is to be careful while feeding them for at least 24-36 hours and preferably 48 hrs.

Fish tanks are a wonderful place to observe a habitat on a smaller scale. Tropical marine fish enjoy their temperature a little bit warmer at 80 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit (26C). Tropical fish are very colorful and therefore very popular as aquarium fish. Tropical fish tanks have to be constantly monitored for presence of harmful bacteria, fungi, and algae. Tropical fish, just like other fish, have to be fed at least 2 to 3 times a day.

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