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Reef Food

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Reef Food

Bill Bryson is best known for his travel literature of humor. Previously, he had read two books by other Bryon's. One was titled, I'm a stranger Myself here. This book is about to relive Bryson in the United States after living in Britain for twenty years or less. Her writing describes how Americans are so different from the rest of the world, cars that drive our love of fast food restaurants. The second book of his I read was entitled, A Walk in the Woods. This book was about the attempt to Bryson, raising the Appalachian Trail from beginning to end (Georgia to Maine). It accurately describes the difficulties of walking almost the entire coast this and all the animals and the interesting people you might encounter while on the hike powerful.

Keeping in line with his first two books, the third book I read was called in a country sunburned. This book is Bryson several weeklong trip through the enormous mass of land that is Australia. The author traveled to all major tourist destinations, the vision of the Opera House in Sydney to the Great Barrier Reef and elsewhere. Appears to have traveled at a leisurely pace and a very generous budget.

While reading in a country tan, it appears Australia has much character as a whole, and how peculiar it is. Bryson notes on several occasions that Australia has dozens of precious life and impressive monuments of random objects. For example, travels to land a giant museum located a worm, you guessed it, a huge earthworm-shaped building. Some might consider this kind of weird monument, but it is one of the many unique things that Australia has and has not in pride If Australia has the largest, most disgusting worm in the world, why show it off?

Bill Bryson also discusses many Sometimes how the country has thousands of animals are not even out yet and that exist nowhere else in the world. People are constantly walking in the jungle or the outback in search of animals to discover, and the result is that occasionally an animal thought to be extinct thousands of years ago is found. Not only are rare animals, but there are trees that rival the size of trees in the world and some of the oldest agencies in the world, that just seems a paste gray.

One of the constant themes in this book is that the country is much bigger than anyone realizes. The cities are spread here and there, and large are on the coast, but there are small towns with hundreds of thousands of people who are thousands of miles away from any other city. To go from one city to another can take a day or two, and everywhere between the two cities is a desert with a gas station once in a while and a bar. The largest cities on the coast have major hotels Power, restaurants of all cultures, and many bars using Bryson.

The best part of the book, in my opinion, is when the author visited the Great Barrier Coral with a good friend. Travel to the reef in a large pot with about 400 people and is involved in several water related activities. There is also talk of a couple who were killed near reefs in the past several years, and rumors of jellyfish and sharks, to mince in humans, as Bryson cares as long as is near the water.

Total, In a Sunburned Country is great fun and undoubtedly will make you laugh once or twice each chapter. Bill Bryson has a line of forward, easy to understand, how to write and always leaves you wanting to read more. Although the book is a bit long, is still very entertaining. In my view this book 4 out of 5.

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