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Bio Bag

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Bio Bag
Should I replace my bio-bag?

its been about 6 weeks and 60% of my fish are dead, so I did my research and figured it would rinse the bag and the biological filter in 25% Change water in water. I did and I was putting the bio-filter and pump backpack in the top of the bio-bag snatched …. very little things in the bag went into the water, but is it necessary to get a new bag or is this well if it doesn't get worse RIP?

lol, dude you need to replace that! 6 weeks is way overstated, and pulled! Go to your local store and buy a new (which are only about $ 5). If any time injure a BioBag, should be replaced. Biobags filter efficiently only up to 4 weeks (one month).

Disappearing Bag

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