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Watt Aquarium

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Watt Aquarium
What freshwater plants can survive in my aquarium? I have a 120 watt lamp and a CO2 system.?

I have a tank that is 135 liters 72 "x 18" x 24 ". I know this is too weak to grow plants but can not afford a stronger light, no CO2 system the time. So what plants can survive under these conditions?

Go Hardy with low light plants such as Cabomba Anthocerotophyta Hygrophilia Vallis Riccia Java Fern Java Moss Anubias Crypts Swords Supplement them with liquid ferts including root tabs. Some of these species come in various forms to enable have some variation in the tank. It will be a little trial and error, I've been through dozens of species and now have thriving hygrophilia (broadleaf) with enough cuttings for all my tanks in small low light tanks.

Watt’s Aquarium time

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