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Off System

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Off System

From their magnetic power generator can save tons of money on your utility bill once it is activated. You've bought all the equipment for activate the juice and savings, but you must decide whether to go outside the network, or tie in the public service system. Any of these systems have their advantages, consequences, and of course, the economic factor involved. Grid Tie with all its energy is added to the grid, and the network that is using the energy directly. Here we will discuss some points to consider with each type of system so you can save money by generating electricity at home.

The grid connection system

With a network of power system draw all the electricity in the country to go directly to the power company's network electricity. Only use a specific type of investor, and tie the line directly to your power box. You may not use batteries or a driver load. The advantage of this system is that electricity is wasted on your system, everything comes to your home network and get your credit offsets utility bill. The disadvantage is that it still depends on the network system and if it comes, no electricity, although their magnetic power generator still turning the voltage.

Being Off Grid

Being out of the network means that you are not using an energy utility company, and your energy bill is zero. This type of system requires the use of a complete system using a magnetic energy generator, a charge controller, batteries and an inverter. Being outside the system makes you completely independent power utility, if it goes down you are still online. The main disadvantage of this system is that you have to buy and maintain equipment further, but there are considerable benefits from this investment.

Have you had it with the high prices your electric utility company is charging you? Wouldn’t you like to say good bye to them forever and be generating electricity at home? You can easily do this and achieve energy independence by making a magnetic power generator, it’s easy to do with this simple DIY guide. Now you can be generating electricity at home using your own magnetic power generator. To learn more about how you can do this visit

off grid solar system

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