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Algae Magnet

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Algae Magnet

Flower Essences are part of an emerging field of life to improved therapies that work through subtle human energy fields to address health problems emotional and mind-body wellness. While new in America, the healing art of flower essences has struck a chord in almost all disciplines of healing – Homoeopaths medical and health professionals, massage therapists, chiropractors, psychotherapists, counselors, dentists and veterinarians.

, As homeopathy and acupuncture, flower essences are exceptions to Western-style science. Also as the homeopathic remedies, flower essences are highly diluted, from a standpoint physical. However, healers are powerful, enhanced vibration dye patterns biomagnetic energy discharged by the flowers.

Flowers are the greatest concentration of life force in a plant, the crowning experience of their growth. Flower Essences are taken from the highest point of the plant develops in bloom. The essence is generally prepared from an infusion of sun flowers in a container of water that power, then preserved with brandy.

The work of Dr. Edward Bach

The application of flower essences for specific emotions and attitudes was developed by Dr. Edward Bach, English physician and homeopath in the 1930s. Bach flower research showed that high energy patterns biomagnetic identifiable which can be exploited by the power of healing through emotional balance. Bach's work on the relationship of stress with the disease showed that the link between mind and body is most evident in times of stress. It also demonstrated the importance of the destructive emotions such as depression, anger and fear.

Bach was one of the first modern healers realize that true healing means the manifestation of one's higher spiritual force. He saw the enhanced emotional balance the body's ability to resist disease and use flower essences as a healing tool to help find this balance. In the last decade, modern medicine is also beginning to see the relationship between negative emotions and less resistance to disease.

"What Bach was doing with your vibration essences was working to increase the strength of their patients by creating inner harmony and an expansion of higher energy systems that connect human beings to their higher selves. "

Richard Gerber, MD Vibrational Medicine

Rescue Remedy

Bach was able to scientifically document the clinical criteria still used today in the investigation of flower essence. Their compound, Rescue Remedy, is the essence of flowers most used – a gentle, effective remedy that restores emotional balance during stress or anxiety. It can also be used in emergency situations or at any time of the crash stomach, or trauma, such as upcoming events that anxiety product. Rescue Remedy contains essence of plum for fear of losing control, Clematis of resignation and fatalism, anxiety impatiens, rock rose for panic, and the Star of Bethlehem for fear.

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