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Nano Aquarium

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Nano Aquarium
Nano Cube HQI aquarium?

I'm thinking of getting a Nano Cube HQI aquarium. I see that someone wrote a comment on but I want a second opinion from someone who has one. Thank you.

I've often heard good things about the nano-cubes, but note that the smallest the tank, the harder it is to keep things running smoothly (especially in a saltwater setup). If you have experience in salt water and probably will things right with a nano-cube. But if you are new to salt water, you may want to save your $ $ $ and start with something bigger before trying a small tank. Personally, I would avoid the nano-cube, simply because I do not have much time and energy to devote to keeping it in balance. But I am sure there are many people who have the love and the nano-cube. If you have the time and energy for it, and experience – I'd say go for it. 😉

Nano-Aquarium Einrichtungswettbewerb 18,75 Liter Heimtiermesse Hannover 2009

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