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Slime Algae

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Slime Algae
I have a 50 gallon tank, I'm algae therefore have a suggestion?

I have a bowfront 50 gallon tank, I had a huge plague of hair, bubbles, seaweed and mud. Just as many red and green algae growing on my glass. I have a protein skimmer, 3 (350gph) Powerheads, 300g of filter liverock of 35 pounds, 30 pounds of baserock, 2 small soft corals, 1 clown fish, 7 hermit crabs, 5 snails. I've tried everything to get rid of algae. I'm doing daily changes in water and adding 1 gallon of distilled water, scraping algae from glass once a week with a paint scraper, and proof of phosphates and ammonia each two days. My state of water is perfect, lighting is my normal cycle. I have 1 bulb metal hydride and a regular fluorescent light saltwater. Any suggestions or help would be great as I am new to the whole fishtank! Thanks! I took some pictures with my camera phone, this will give you a clearer picture. ~ ~ prasadar/tank1.jpg prasadar/tank2.jpg Thanks for all your help!

Proof of your tank water for nitrates and phosphates. If you have the green hair algae in your tank, its phosphates must read well above .05 mg / l. Use a reverse osmosis, deionization, or a combination of RO / DI filter unit water to purify tap water is probably going to be more or less effective ad distilled water. These types of filters to remove nitrate, phosphate chemicals and others are in tap water which can lead to algae blooms and other problems. Or try a filter nitrate / denitrator. Acquisition and use of mangrove plants in the tank or sump. Check if your commercial sea salts contain high levels of ammonia / nitrogen. Purchase and use of a good "nitrate sponge". Do not overfeed your tank. Siphon uneaten food and loose material (detritus) from the substrate to reduce nitrate and phosphate levels in your tank, will soon be healthy and free of green hair algae. Many of the occupants of the tank (corals and other invertebrates) will also benefit from reduced levels.

Day 110 – Red Slime Algae

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