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Submersible Aquarium

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Submersible Aquarium
Tipping the submersible power head.?

I have a submersible head in my 55 gallon tank. I use a tube attached to a sponge to use as a McGuyvered mechanical sponge filter. This provides very significant seepage into my tank and replace the filter reduces by 50% or more. The problem I'm having is keeping it in a good place. If still too low to the bottom of my tank, the head sucks the sand, this for me is simply not going to take place. So now its near the water surface, but its ugly and easily detectable. I like to hide behind a living plant that grows in the middle of my tank. Although to hide behind plant, would again, sucking the sand. Direct my question is: Can I convert a horizontal to vertical head opposed without taking the engine inside magnetic her? Gravity isn't my strong point, and I think its worth considering in this case …

The driver of the Assembly consists of a permanent magnet affixed to a multi-blade rotor rotating about a fixed axis. The magnet / impeller is suspended in a magnetic field and rotate one revolution each field changes AC power instead of positive negative. At 60 cycles per second current (typical U.S.) has 3,600 rpm. Because the magnet / rotor is rotating field in a magnetic field, due to wear gravity should be minimal. Normally there is a water channel molded into the pan containing the propellant. This channel used water to remove any fine that could prematurely wear on the drive shaft of the Assembly. Clean the channel and the entire impeller assembly as part of its regular monthly maintenance and head of power will last long. Finally, certainly can use a head with a sponge for admission to a submersible filter. As you have suggested (and others have already answered) the placement of the unit in your tank is determined how much waste and collecting waste, and therefore how often you need to squeeze the sponge. If the sponge is neglected and becomes concerned with the decomposition waste can create a serious problem. So keep it clear as part of regular maintenance and you'll be fine.

Aquarium fish tank submersible air pump with blue LED’s

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