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Aqua Ultraviolet

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Aqua Ultraviolet

The microwave has become more natural to cook on a stove and oven. We have adopted this means of technology as a necessary part of our lives. We can not live without our microwaves. How can heat up that cup of coffee or soup, if they have a microwave?

Some people can not remember that life existed before the microwave. When the microwave was introduced many people thought that all this is about the radiation to penetrate the food to cook was something frightening and to eat that had somehow to be unhealthy. How could a mother to heat your baby formula contamination of the microwave? The horror!

Today most people own microwaves and many can not imagine life without her. Most people were convinced after much insistence that was a good thing. When Thanksgiving arrived and could heat up quickly all the remains – which was quite impressive.

Here are some of lesser known facts about microwaves:

* In a microwave oven, food can be heated for so short a time that is cooked unevenly, since the heat requires time to diffuse through food, and microwaves only penetrate a limited depth. Microwave ovens are frequently used for reheating cooked food, and bacterial contamination can not be killed if the proper temperature is not reached, resulting in foodborne illness.

* A second problem is due to food composition and geometry, and must be addressed by the cook, who should arrange the food so it absorbs energy evenly, and periodically test and shield parts of food that overheat. In some materials with low thermal conductivity in the dielectric constant increases with temperature, microwave heating may cause thermal control located outside. Uneven heating in frozen foods is one example. The ice absorbs the oven Microwave much slower than liquid water. Defrosting in the microwave to carry food to the same temperature. The cooking temperature will be even better.

Some dangers:

* Liquids, when hated in a microwave oven in a container with a smooth surface, can superheat, ie reach temperatures that are a few degrees of temperature above its normal boiling point, without actually boiling. The cooking process can start explosively when the fluid is altered, as when the operator removes the container from the oven and a steam burn is the result. A common myth is that only distilled water will, what is not true.

* Put some metal in the microwave is still dangerous to carry out the radiation of the metal. Some cases have been documented in that Chinese food heated in the oven, with its metal handle fires have caused the microwave.

* Bags of homemade popcorn microwave have been sealed with a metal clip, which heats and sets fire to the bag. This type of accident can pose a dangerous situation because of the extremely flammable mixture of popcorn and oil in the bag.

* The metal wire seals are known to contain sparks microwave. Therefore, it is good practice to remove objects that contain metal from a microwave oven.

What about radiation?

* In the United States produces microwave ovens after 1971 must comply with the Food and Drug Administration safety requirements for radiation leakage, less than 5 mW/cm2 at 5 cm from the surface of the stove. This is well below the level exposure is currently considered to be harmful to human health.

* The radiation from a microwave oven is non-ionizing. As such, it has cancer risks associated with ionizing radiation like X rays, ultraviolet light, and nuclear radioactive decay. Any cancer risk microwave necessarily produced by an unknown mechanism.

Following the instructions provided by the manufacturer is the safest way to determine if the microwave is safe. If there will be a long-term effect or not is difficult to measure, to the test of time. The information provided at this time is that it is relatively safe if used correctly.

So the conclusion is that there is a slightly different ability to use a microwave instead of a conventional oven, and there are some risks fire to consider – but we are all smart enough to not put a box of tissues in a conventional oven, we just have to get used to thinking of the metal as a fire hazard in a microwave.

And the radiation is totally busted. Microwave radiation causes the liquid to boil water and not much else. Being inside a microwave that was brewing was a bad thing, but the same could be said of a conventional oven. From the outside, are equally safe.

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