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Bio Balls

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Bio Balls
just received a 29 BioCube gal what is the best way to make a nice reef tank?

I bought it used no more bio balls? and dashed in a protein skimmer to the CPR i dont know how to use? I also bought a 250 Odysea filter powerhead? Currently I have 30 pounds of sand in Live 20 pounds of live rock. I want to buy some corals, but I know they are great? How do I am confused!

Well, I would try to learn how to use the slider in the first place, to help maintain adequate water quality for corals. I have never used a CPR before, but it seems that a standard hang-on-back protein skimmer. Hold the slider in the tank, with pump and submerged again, and plug it in. I'm not sure how the previous owner had mounted yet unless amended the hood, or plug in a sink. You may also need to open the airline to create more bubbles inside the skimmer, and adjust the collection cup up or down (with the O-ring) to obtain the desired skimmate. Skimmate should be dark and smelly, so if it seems quite clear, you may need some adjustment. If the tank is already cycled, and is well established, then I would start with some hard corals like mushrooms and zoanthids. They come in a wide variety of colors, stay relatively small, and should do well under compact fluorescent lighting. Greetings

Episode 59 pt 1, Cleaning Bio-Balls in a Wet Dry Trickle Fil

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