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Anubias Nana

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Anubias Nana

Aquarium plants freshwater are very important parts of any typical aquarium. These plants can give you a great look to your aquarium. Of course, you should take certain steps before buying these plants. Those who you get for your aquarium should be those which are commonly found under water – the real habitat of the fish. This is true for all, and that fish are more comfortable with aquariums that look natural.

In general, various types of plants in freshwater aquarium. First type is the grows on the bulbs. Such plants are generally large, with some being too large for normal-sized aquariums. Plants like these, Aponogeton and water lilies, for example, would look far better in outdoor environments, such as koi ponds.

Depending on what the fish are retained, you may think that purchasing of floating plants. Floating plants are basically a great choice if you have a teenager who wants to protect fry. A fairy moss is a good example of floating plants. You can also choose to purchase live plants known as rhizomes. These plants have thick stems, with leaves that grow on the top. The rhizomes are called "runners" to run on the substrate surface. Once it spreads, it grows new leaves and roots. Two variations of rhizomes are Anubias and African Fern.

Another type of plant, and one of the most common, is a rosette. Usually seen as a crown of leaves that grow on the roots that grow beneath. By sending runners, who can cover water and grow new plants, as "running." Most of these plans, such as Amazon Sword Sagittaria and create beautiful flowers.

One of common aquatic plants available is a Java moss. Also known as Java fern, this plant special is a great choice for starting plants. Is heart plant that can exist independently of the pH levels of water.

For the plant of "perfect" aquarium, you can opt for glycine water. Similar to the Java fern, this plant grows rapidly. Moreover, glycine water may retain the content of algae under the water. However, you must be very careful. This plant can utilize the nutrients in the water.

The Anubias nana plant is another abundant. It is noteworthy, as it has an ability to exist in almost any environmental conditions you put it in. The appearance of the plant is also noteworthy, since it looks like a flower under water. Also, if you have any herbivorous fish, you need not worry about eating fish from this plant. But if you want to get the most out of Anubias nana, you must place a stone or a tree root. A lillaeopsis plant is another good choice for your aquarium, especially if the aquarium is placed unter extreme sunlight.

Plants can add excitement to any type of aquarium freshwater. In fact, plants are more visible when placed different types of plants live in it. Although plants require extra care, you will see that everything is worth it in the end. You do not have to buy plants at a time. You can just start with a plant, and as you will gain more experience and with the care of plants, which is the time you can start winning. In the end, you see that is a very enjoyable activity.

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