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Tank Air

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Tank Air
Can I convert a dry chemical extinguisher or other fire in an air tank?

Can I convert a dry chemical or other type fire extinguisher in an air tank? What is the maximum pressure of a fire extinguisher can handle? I will use my sytem thanks to Air Horn. much People say that the fire extinguisher is a good alternative for storage of air for an air horn system. Is it real? hahaha

I started SCUBA diving again in the 1970s and then I heard old stories of conversion of old fire extinguishers into Scuba. So yes I am sure you can do, my question is why take the risk? The maximum pressure can handle a fire extinguisher be printed around the neck of the bottle label DOT, the number of pressure will be on the ISP, all the bottles are different. Once again we must ask why??? Scuba Tanks are fairly cheap and easy buying in all different sizes. When I started diving all we had was steel 71.2 m / 3 tanks. 29/10/09 at Air and Breathe, Dartford – Gunge Tank and Dunk Tank

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